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Welcome to NMAIL

The vision of the NMAIL group is to create a meta-human being with augmented intellectual or physical abilities. Toward this vision, we have primarily been investigating various essential technologies including autonomous machines, wearable computing, brain-computer interfaces, augment reality-based interfaces, and so forth. By integrating individual technologies, we attempt to augment intellectual and physical capabilities of human.

We deepen our insights through the integration of various disciplines and find any clues for new technologies through decisive attempts from the perspective of both software and hardware engineering. We acknowledge that promising technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Robotics should be used not only to help humans but also to enhance human capabilities, rather than overtaking or replacing humans. You may want to see our video highlights.

생각만으로 조종 '아바타 시대' (MBC 뉴스테스크)[LINK]
생각하는 대로 움직이는 거북이...신기한 기술 (SBS 8시 뉴스))[LINK]
Controlling Turtle Motion with Human Thought (Asia Research News 2017))[LINK]
미래기획 2030 : 제4차산업혁명 (KBS 다큐멘터리)[LINK]

Our lab is affiliated with the following research institutes, centers, or programs.

- KAIST KI Institute for Artificial Intelligence [LINK]
- KAIST KI Institute for Health Science and Technology [LINK]
- KAIST KI Institute for Robotics [LINK]
- Research Consortium for Young Adulthood Depression (RC-YAD) [LINK]
- ERC Soft Robotics Research Center, SNU [LINK]
- Research Consortium for Brain-Computer Interface, KIST

Our website consists of Home, Family, Publication, Research, Courses,and Contacts.

Research Areas

  • Machine-Augmented Intelligence

    Real-time Recognition, Decision Making, Task Planning for Autonomous Robots, Wearable Robots etc.
  • Neuro-Machine Intelligence

    Brain-Machine Interface (BMI, BCI), Affective Intelligence, Animal Computing etc.
  • Neuro-inspired Intelligence

    Deep Learning, Intelligible AI, Intelligible Information Visualization, Healthcare Intelligence etc.
  • Please, go visit our research website for more details.