Research & Education Program (High School)

Facial Emotion Recognition targeting on Complex Emotions using Deep Learning(2022), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)

Recognising and Applying In-air hand gestures on mobile devices using CNN (2021), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)

Efficient Elimination of Obstacles in Distracted Area Using Swarm Robots (2019), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)

Emotion Identification Based on Facial Landmarks by Using Deep Learning (2018), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)

Receding Horizon Next-Best-View Planner Based Voronoi-Biased 3D Multi-Robot Exploration Algorithm (2016), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고), 2016년 과학영재 창의연구(R&E) 학술발표 대회에서 최우수 과제로 선정되어 미래창조과학부 장관상 수상

Control and implementation of kinetically stable humanoid robot motion with DMP (2012), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)

Dynamically stable motion generation based on DMP in a humanoid robot (2011), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)

Embodiment of Ball-catching Robot through Image Management (2009), Korea Science Academy of KAIST (한국영재과학고)


HRP(Korea Science Academy of KAIST)

User-Mobile Device Interaction Mechanism based on Hand Gesture Recognition (2022)

Comparative analysis of learning-based and non-learning-based path planning algorithms (2022)

Computer Vision Model for Human Action Recognition (2021)

Adversarial Attacks for Face Recognition Systems (2020).

Developing GAN Model for Modification of Photographs (2020).

Developing hospital resevation application (2018).

Sampling-based motion planning (2017).

Development of input device using Brain-Computer Interface (2017).

Development of Intelligent Game using Collision Detection Algorithm (2016).

Control of machine using Brain-Computer Interface (2011).

Control of the unicycle robot navigation (2011)

Stable driving system for a wheeled robot (2011)

A Portable Brain-computer Interface for Object Selection in Real-world Scenario Using Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential (2010)