Reinforcement Learning for Task Graph Based Human Robot Collaboration (Spring 2022)

Robust Vision towards detecting user intentions (Spring 2022)

A Brain-Computer Interface Based Wearable Glove Control System for Grasping Deformable Objects (Fall 2021)

Understanding Human Commands Through Context-Aware Intention Prediction (Spring 2021)

Cognitive-Augmented Collaboration (Spring 2020, Fall 2020)

MI/SSVEP based BCI system for Quadcopter Control(spring 2019)

Immediate Robot Response Correcting Based on Error Related Potential(2018)

Integration of BCI and AR for ambient control(fall 2017)

Emotion Recognition based on Physiological Signal in Daily Life (spring 2016)

Sensor data reproducibility model for human-robot interaction (fall 2014)

Wearable computing for guiding visually impaired people (fall 2013)

Recognition of Music Emotion Using Extracted Instrumental Information (spring 2013)

Controllability of human brain complex network and its application (fall 2011, urp excellent award)

Dynamically stable motion generation with a humanoid (spring 2011)

Robot motion generation constrained to dynamic stability (fall 2010)

3D environmental map through a vision (fall 2010)

3D human motion tracking through a monovision (spring 2010)

Robotic learning from demonstrations (fall 2009)

Vision SLAM in indoor environment (fall 2009)

Object recognition for robotic application (spring 2009)

Establishing the speech recognition robot control module (fall 2008)

BCI-based control of wheelchair using P300 signals (fall 2008, urp excellent award)